Super Simple Birthday Chain

super simple birthday chain

Even though this summer is nearly halfway over, I signed my kids up for a second Vacation Bible School this week. I knew Landon and Emma wouldn’t have an issue going, but poor Sunshine (Paige) was a little questionable. Anyone who knows anything about her knows that most situations are hit or miss and we definitely have to take things on a case by case basis with her.

And as you can probably guess, when we got to the door of the classroom, she immediately retreated, saying “Mommy, there’s too many people in there.” I get it, kid, I get it. The older I get the less I like crowds. And before you say, she would have been fine if you left her….yeah, most likely not. Again, you’d have to know my child. I decided VBS was not imperative enough for her to have a meltdown over. So, we left.

After hopping back in the van, she asked me what were we going to do, just she and I? I immediately thought….”Um, listen sister, I am going out of town in 2 days for the weekend and I have a TON of things to do before then. If you had just gone to the class, you wouldn’t have to ask me to keep you busy.” But, of course I didn’t. #momwin

The kicker was she wanted to make something “3D”. Seriously? Can’t I just toss you a coloring sheet while I get some work done? 🙂

I told her I had to think about it for a few minutes. Thankfully, once she started to talk about her birthday, a light bulb went off in my head. We can make a birthday chain. You know, like the kind you usually make for Christmas? It was a super simple, cheap craft.

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Here’s how we did it:

 Super Simple Birthday Chain

You’ll Need:

  • construction paper (any color, any amount)
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • crayons
  • stickers

The instructions are super simple. Initially you need to determine the amount of days until said event – for us it was 13.

Pick the color construction paper you are want to use and draw vertical (or horizontal, depending on how you look at it) lines down each sheet. Cut the number of strips needed for your chain.


Decorate each strip with crayons and stickers.

Since starting our podcast, we’ve discovered some really cute ones. We listened to Eleanor Amplified while we crafted.

Staple together, alternating colors.

We reserved the special ring for the last one since it said “Happy Birthday” on it. When we hung it up, it went at the top so that when each ring is torn off, the last one left will be the one for her special day.



That’s it. I know, I’m sure this has been done a gazillion times before, but this was our version and Paige was super proud of it!

I know as a parent of 4, it’s so very hard to find time to do individual things with my kids but this craft is proof that it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Kids simply love spending time with you, no matter what you do.




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