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Dear Mean Mommy Blog Hater…

Dear Mean Mommy Blogger, This is Why I do It(1)


I recently came across a very nasty blog post by a “mommy blogger”. Her post was beyond mean and it really struck a chord with me. She basically said all mom blogs suck and we shouldn’t waste our time because no one reads them and we’re wasting our time.

Wow. I’ll be honest. That was a shitty thing for her to say. And for me to hear. I don’t know about you other mom bloggers, but I don’t feel that way. I actually LOVE to write. And it just s so happens that most of my writing is about my family and kids. A good writer writes what he knows. And I know kids.

Do I do it for fame and money? Hell no. We bloggers are a dime a dozen and a lot of us write as an outlet. I’m not gonna lie, it would be amazing to actually make money off of it, but for most of us, that’s just not gonna happen.

So why do we do it if it’s that hard to make a living doing it? Because it’s an amazing creative outlet for those of us stuck in the trenches of motherhood. For all those hours that you never see or hear another living soul other than the dog or cat because you’re buried under 15 loads of laundry and dishes from breakfast. For all those hours sitting in the car rider lines, for all those hours mindlessly wiping the kitchen counter for the 10,000th time that day. And for all those hours of childhood memories you’ll never get back. THAT’S why I do it. And, I assume, why other moms do it.  We want a visual diary of our kids’ lives. And ours. These years all go by so incredibly fast and nothing can bring them back. But it sure will be nice to go back and read about them, see the pictures, hear the funny (and not so funny) stories.

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So while I know a lot of you might not care if Paige finally learned to ride her bike or brush her teeth on her own or if Aubrey loved her new high school, but you know what? There are people who honestly do. It may only be family or friends, but to me that’s enough.

So, thanks for your insights mean mommy blog hater, but I do actually enjoy blogging (as do many of us) and I think I’ll continue on a little while longer, even if it’s only my mom reading my posts.



4 thoughts on “Dear Mean Mommy Blog Hater…

  1. That mommy blog hater can suck it!
    I don’t have children of my own, but I have my adorable nephew Tripp. I love to read your writings because I get to laugh and cry along with a childhood friend/acquaintance who is a brilliant writer and a great mommy role model.
    Reading your blog lets me unwind and realize while I am fighting the good fight as a “PANK” (professional aunt no kids) in the HR profession where I feel like I herd grown ups like you do kids. And it lets me know we are all in this fight the good fight together.
    Love ya girl and tell that biotch that the PANK has your back

    1. OMG! Every time you posted PANK, I had no idea what it meant. You’re a great aunt and Tripp’s lucky to have you. Thanks for all the support! 🙂

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