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Are these surprising ingredients lurking in your child’s lunchbox?

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If you’re like me, you pack your child’s lunch. Not only to save money, but that’s how I give them them healthier choices and foods they actually like.

Plus, I’ve seen what they serve in school cafeterias.

This is what he picked.


Looks pretty innocent, right? Lunchables “Uploaded”. Guess that’s just a fancy name for a Lunchable with extras.

And boy, did it ever have EXTRAS. The kind of extras that kids definitely don’t need.

It came with a sub sandwich, a packet of mayonnaise, 2 Hershey kisses, a pack of Pringles, a small bottle of water with a single serve package of Koolaid.

Right off the bat, we discussed the Koolaid before he was even allowed to put it in the cart. He said, “I’ll give it to Aubrey (the teenager)”.

I said, “Fine.” (It actually went in the trash when we got home).

We get home and he had already talked me into eating it right then instead of saving it for  school.

Good thing.

Fortunately for me, he needed help opening the packet of mayonnaise. While I was opening it, I just happened to look at the list of ingredients and you’ll never guess what was listed.

Yellow 6 AND Blue 1. Seriously??!

Why in the world would mayonnaise need 2 different food dyes? I have no idea. Pretty sure regular mayonnaise doesn’t have that. But upon closer inspection, they aren’t calling this “Mayonnaise”, they’re calling it “Mayonnaise Dressing”.

Geez. Just when I thought I’d heard it all.

Let’s just say we had real “MAYO” in the fridge. This also got tossed in the trash.

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And as if that wasn’t enough of a shocker, I happened to go ahead and reread the ingredients list on the side of the box.

That Koolaid that he obviously didn’t drink not only contained Red 40 and Blue 1, it contained ACESULFAME POTASSIUM (otherwise known as Aspertame) and SUCRALOSE (scientific name for Splenda). In case you don’t know the lingo, those are ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS.

Sorry, but the “Tropical Punch Flavored Soft Drink Mix” NEVER even said it was made with artificial sweeteners. Woah. Scary. We don’t ever eat anything with artificial sweeteners in our house. They’re truly poison. Studies have actually shown this. And I would never want my kids to have it.

The moral of this story? We will be sticking with the boring, run of the mill, basic Lunchable from now on. This one had too much garbage in it for my kids.


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