Do you really need these things? A mom’s glimpse into minimalism.

mom's glimpse into minimalis

Several weeks ago my podcast cohost and I attempted to record at my house. We always record at her house, but we decided to switch it up that week and do it at mine. Well, let’s just say we had MAJOR technical difficulties and there was an issue recording.

While we were sitting there chatting, she mentioned that we really need to spruce up our bedroom and paint the walls. I told her that they were painted lol. The walls were originally builder beige, then we painted them a shade of taupish (is that even a word?) green. Yeah – we all make decorating mistakes. At least I learn from mine. 😉 But then my style changed and I really started digging the calm, clean look of lighter walls, so we painted. Again. This time it’s a nice color called “Woodrow Wilson Putty”. Sounds amazing, right? Ok, so we went right back to square one as far as color, but I love putting the focus on the objects in a room, not the walls.

Truth be told my bedroom is one of my favorite rooms in the house because there’s no clutter and it takes no time to clean it. The rest of my house has way more stuff, but I can honestly say that I donate every single month to Purple Heart and don’t hold on to things, it’s just been harder to minimize these rooms down for some reason. I started following some really cool blogs and Facebook pages a couple of years back that focus on minimalism and I can honestly say that life is so much easier with less stuff. One of my favorite sites posted an article recently about 20 household items most people have and don’t need. Here are those 20 items and my thoughts about them. Here’s the original link to the article on Hipp Diggs.

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20 Household Items Most People Have That They Don’t Need…

  1. Microwave: Eek, yes I have 4 kids. Who eat a LOT of popcorn. I really love homemade popcorn, but slaving over a hot gas stove at 3 pm on a Texas summer afternoon is my version of hell. Plus? Have you ever tried to reheat an entire plate of food OTHER than in the microwave? I’m a huge fan of the 1950s, but even I draw the line here. I think I’ll keep this one.
  2. Dishwasher: Yes, again this one is NOT going anywhere. With 4 kids come LOTS of dishes and I prefer not to use paper plates since they generate trash. Plus, I’m a HORRIBLE dishwasher. I seriously need reading glasses and pretty sure I would NOT get my dishes clean. If you eat at my house regularly, you’ll thank me.
  3. Trash Compactor: Ok, first of all, I had NO idea these were still a thing. I know my grandmother and aunt had one in the 80s and I always thought it was the neatest thing what it did to the trash. Fast forward to now…I honestly think it’s a silly invention. Isn’t that what your foot’s for?
  4. Garbage Disposal: After having to hold my breath and reach my hand down our garbage disposal uncountable times over the past 6 years, I could probably live without this one. I would like to keep all 10 fingers.
  5. Electric Mixer: I make tons of cupcakes, brownies and cakes all year long and could not even begin to imagine hand stirring all of those. This one is definitely a keeper for someone like me. However, I do have a small disclaimer: I am using a Black & Decker hand mixer that was a wedding present from my FIRST marriage in 1991! Hey, Black & Decker, if you see this….you could TOTALLY use me as advertisement. 😉
  6. Sandwich Maker: I do actually have one of these that I paid $5 for at Walmart a few years back. It is a really neat thing for kids sandwiches. That being said, it’s one of those appliances that are a bit too much trouble to clean each time, so I rarely use it. This one could probably be donated. Except…I have a Pinterest pin that centers around this nifty little gadget. That I pinned the day I bought it. Maybe I should donate it.
  7. Extra Dishes: I’m on the fence about this one. We don’t have a ton of extra dishes, we do actually use all of ours. I do, however, take food photos for my blog and am guilty of having a small cabinet with cute dishes.
  8. Napkin Rings: Umm, really? The fanciest parties I have ever had involved paper plates and cream cheese.
  9. Garlic Press: I don’t have one of these, I use a small hand grater. Though I will say a garlic press would probably keep your fingers from smelling like an Italian mobster.
  10. Paper Towels: Oops. I am the world’s leading user of paper towels. Guilty as charged. I go through these like water. I’m really trying to stop. No, I’m not. How else am I supposed to clean up dog barf?
  11. Plastic Bags: I have a 90 lb Doberman. These come in extremely handy for picking up poop. I think I’ll keep these.
  12. Television: Yeah, again. 4 kids. No further details needed.
  13. Lawnmower: While we do live in Texas and most years have to take out a second mortgage to pay the summer water bills, hiring someone to cut your grass here is actually more expensive than owning a lawnmower and doing it yourself. Plus, my kids kind of like grass and if we had dirt or rocks, my backyard would look like a landmine from dog poop.
  14. Lawn Fertilizer: I’m going to have to be honest here and say I could really care less either way. Here in Texas it’s so hot some years, you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
  15. Snowblower: Ha. We live in Texas. Though my kids would have fun blowing each other around the backyard.
  16. Clothes Dryer: Where else am I supposed to hide my secret candy stash?
  17. Excess Clothes: After washing the 30th load of laundry for the day, I honestly see that nudists have the right idea.
  18. Excess Shoes: As a mom who’s tried to locate the 2nd shoe so she can get her kids out the door on time, having more than one pair of shoes for kids is a no brainer. I honestly thought one day last year I was going to have to send my son to school barefoot.
  19. More Than One Car: My husband travels and my kids go to 2 different schools at different times. I would love to get rid of the car payments, but unfortunately for us, 2 cars are a necessity.
  20. A Big House: I am actually conflicted on this one. Our current house is about 2300 sqft and though it is definitely enough room for a family of 6, the way the house is configured it doesn’t really make good use of living areas. I would love to have a house this size with smaller bedrooms and larger living areas with a larger piece of land for my kids to roam around on.
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What items could you live without? Anything on this list?




2 thoughts on “Do you really need these things? A mom’s glimpse into minimalism.

  1. I honestly think lists like these are silly. I agree with most of your thoughts about them – as they went more with what I would think!

    A dishwasher, really? I NEED one of those because my back HURTS each time I stand to do dishes. XD My boyfriend is like you – he can’t clean them worth squat. 😛

    We have a whole cabinet full of “good, china dishes” that we NEVER EVER USE. I agree with this one. Why have dishes that just sit there? If they belong to a relative, just store them away as nice as possible. The cabinet is in the most awkward place because we have no room.

    We are gamers. A television set (or two) is important to us. I like paper towels because I can clean up mini-spills without wasting a towel to do so.

    Everyone should live the way they feel best, unless it’s harmful! 😀

    1. I agree Stephanie. I am ALL about living with less so that we can enjoy our lives and children, but some of the things they want you to get rid of actually create more work for a mom. Thanks for commenting!

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