What We Did This Weekend

Our Weekend in Pictures: A Girls Trip to Austin

When you have 4 kids, time alone with each one basically never happens. So when I had a bunch of things I wanted to take to one of my sisters for her daughter that involved a short road trip, I figured I would take at least a couple of my kids. But these past few weeks of school have been pretty rough on my sweet Emma Kate (she’s 9) and I figured this would be a great trip for us to take together.

We drove in on Saturday and even though it’s nearly 3 1/2 hours, we had intended on stopping at Buckee’s. And in case you are not from Texas and have no clue what Buckee’s is, you’re missing out. Any Texan worth their weight in cow patties knows where a Buckee’s is.

Let’s just say that even though we ran out time on the way in, we did make time for it on the way back home.


We spent the weekend just the girls, which turned out to be really nice.

My youngest sister, Whitney, has a pot bellied pig (whose name is Mr. Pickles!), 2 dogs, ducks, chickens and a rabbit.

LOOK at that cuteness! He loves laying in this pool float.

I kept telling her she needs a sign that says “McCain Zoo”. 🙂 My ex step mother (who is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet) and my other sister, Nikki, and her baby were there. We spent the weekend relaxing and talking. We ate dinner on Saturday at a really neat little restaurant under some oak trees and they had a live band and playground. We had a hard time getting the little one off the dance floor.




Whitney and Emma swam in the lake on Sunday morning before it got too hot and the kids played for a bit.

My dad drove in and we had pizza for lunch before heading back to Houston.


Sweet baby girl watching my sister Nikki walk down to the water


My sister Whitney and Emma Kate


Sweet girls in the swing


We had an amazing time and will definitely do it again! Thanks Whitney, Betty and Nikki for the hospitality! We loved it!

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