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Dye Free Halloween Party (For Under $25 From ALDI)


If you’re dye free like us, the holidays are a rough time. Up until a few years ago, I threw all kinds of parties for the kids and the 2 little boys that lived across the street. But they moved a few years back and life got in the way. And every time I looked at those once cutesy Halloween Pinterest pins, they just bugged me. Almost all of them contained some kind of food dye. Sooo, parties were put on hold.

But once I started blogging again, I realized this was as good a time to start back up with the parties. And since I shop A LOT at ALDI, I realized that I could recreate some of those Pinterest pins WITHOUT the dyes. So I did what any crazy dye free blogger would do, I challenged myself to create a dye free party. On a very small budget. And guess what? I did.

So without further ado, here’s how I threw a Dye Free Halloween Party For Under $25 From ALDI.

What I Bought

  • Bats & Webs Snack Chips                             1.29
  • Whipped Topping                                            .79
  • Gala Apples                                                     2.29 (It was a bag, but I ended up only using a few of the apples.)
  • Instant Vanilla Pudding                                 .49
  • 2 Instant Chocolate Pudding                        .98
  • 2 Maraschino Cherries                                2.98
  • Graham Crackers                                          1.29
  • Cake Mix                                                           .99
  • Lemon Lime Soda                                         2.25 (I did have to purchase a 12 pack since my ALDI didn’t have a 2 liter, but I did end up using another can to soak my apples in.)
  • Crescent Rolls                                                2.98
  • Frosting                                                           1.29
  • 2 Jumbo Franks                                             1.98
  • Baby Carrots                                                     .99
  • Splash Juice                                                    1.79
  • Gummi Worms                                                 .95
  • Chocolate Sandwich Cookies                       1.69
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TOTAL:                                                                     25.02


$25 for party food? Yes! And it made enough food for about 10-12 people. Even I was impressed. I spent about $20 on new decorations, so my total for the entire party was about $45. Here’s what I made:

Food I Made

  • Mummy Dogs
  • Spider Ring Cupcakes (Emma named them Death Bombs)
  • Boo Brew
  • Bloody Band Aids
  • Witches Hats
  • Graveyard Dirt
  • Mummy Teeth (or Monster Teeth)
  • Pumpkin Fingers & Mummy Goo
  • Dried Bat Wings & Crunchy Webs
  • Bloody Eyeballs

For the Mummy Dogs, I cut crescent rolls into strips using a pizza cutter and wrapped them around the hot dogs. No rhyme or reason, I just wrapped them. I cooked them in the oven, using the directions on the crescent roll container. Right before I served them, I put 2 dots of mustard for eyes. You can always do ketchup too.

Dye Free Halloween Party From Aldi

The cupcakes or Death Bombs as we called them, were easy. I used the box mix and I honestly NEVER use store bought icing. I make my own cream cheese icing but when I saw that ALDI had canned cream cheese icing (with no dyes, of course), I decided to use it this time since I knew I’d be pressed for time getting the food done. I used rings from The Dollar Tree and had planned on making eyeballs out of oreos and chocolate chips, but again, ran out of time.

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Dye Free Halloween Party From Aldi

The Boo Brew was pretty simple. I purchased an orange fruit and veggie fusion drink and mixed it with 3 cans of the lemon lime soda. Done. Another alternative would have been to use ALDI’s version of grape Koolaid and mixed it with the soda, which would have been even cheaper. Considering half the kids liked the punch and half did not, I’ll go with the Koolaid next time.

I had seen the Bloody Band Aids on Pinterest and thought they were super cute, but they used red gel food coloring, which obviously was out of the question. I knew that we had Yummy Earth organic lollipops in the pantry and I crushed some pomegranate ones in a bag and used that for the “blood”. I broke graham crackers into singles and spread a bit of the leftover icing on and topped it with a piece of broken lollipop. To make the pieces flatter, you can always melt the lollipops in the oven until they’re flat and then break them into pieces. 

Dye Free Halloween Party From Aldi

The Witches Hats were also amazingly easy to make. I greased a baking sheet and using one crescent roll at a time, put a small amount of mini chocolate chips (that I already had) on the big edge and rolled up a bit to make the hat rim. I then curled the top of the “triangle” into the shape of a witches hat. They baked for the suggested time on the crescent roll container. You can also dust the hats with either powdered sugar or even better, a bit of cocoa powder mixed with sugar.

Dye Free Halloween Party From Aldi
Sorry for the horrible picture. I accidentally deleted the good one and these were eaten before I could get another good one. 🙂

The Graveyard Dirt was just a Halloween twist on dirt pudding. I made the pudding the night before and the morning of the party, layered pudding, whipped topping, and the chocolate cookies that I crushed in a ziploc bag. We then stuck a couple of the gummi worms on top. I made some chocolate and some vanilla, you could always layer both flavors in one cup as well.

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Dye Free Halloween Party From Aldi

I almost didn’t make the Mummy (or Monster) Teeth. I sliced an apple on all 4 sides and soaked them in a can of the lemon lime soda for about 15 minutes. I sandwiched some peanut butter in the “mouth” and lined up a few marshmallows. You can always dust the marshmallows with cocoa powder to make them look more like monster teeth. You can see them in the picture below, I didn’t get a close up, unfortunately.

Dye Free Halloween Party From Aldi

We had to have some kind of veggies, so we had mini carrots and ranch dressing. We called them Pumpkin Fingers & Mummy Goo. I already had ranch dressing, so I didn’t have to buy any.

Dye Free Halloween Party From Aldi

The Dried Bat Wings & Crunchy Spider Webs were a bag of chips from ALDI shaped like bats and spiderwebs.

Dye Free Halloween Party From Aldi

The Bloody Eyeballs were a last minute addition. Dye free maraschino cherries are a treat at my house, so I poured 2 jars into a bowl and called it done.

Dye Free Halloween Party From Aldi

The kids had a great time and loved all the food. When I asked them what their favorite thing was, they had a pretty hard time deciding. I’d call that a successful Halloween Party!

What other dye free Halloween treats do you make? Let me know in the comments, I always love to see how creative we dye free peeps have to get!





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