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I hope you won’t need too much therapy…


It’s the time of year for parent teacher conferences and I had the very last one yesterday. It was the one for my sweet Emma Kate, which technically could happen through a phone call, since she’s my most mature and dependable kid. Ironically, it went the worst. It left me and her teacher in tears. I left even more broken than before I went. Her teacher told me she had noticed a huge difference in her from when she taught her 2 years prior. It wasn’t a shock. She solidified what I already knew. Something was different with Emma.

Up until about 2 years ago, Emma was the ideal kid. She was super smart, extremely mature (more than my teenager or some adults that I know) and always so helpful with her younger siblings. But something changed. I noticed this year more than ever that the little girl we knew seems to have been replaced with a sullen, moody 9 year old. I’d like to chalk it up to hormones, but I’m so scared it’s other things.

She wants her own room.

She hates having to help with Paige all the time.

She thinks we don’t listen to her.

She thinks we pile too much responsibility on her.

She wants to be treated like a little kid.

Oh my god, are we ruining her? Have we ruined her?

I don’t know. I sincerely hope not.

I’ll be the first to admit that I depend on her way more than I should. She’s always been the one who could bring Paige down from one of her fits, but did I ask her too many times? Did she not get the same treatment that the other kids got?

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Is she just struggling to find her place in the family? In the world? I sure hope so. I know we all grow up with issues, it’s unavoidable. You just hope you don’t screw your kids up too bad. Especially Emma Kate. She was my one hope for a normal adult child.

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